As the dry weather continues, the battle to cultivate newish ground goes on.    Last year we grew potatoes on what had been the poultry run.     It was only rotavated once and suffered weed invasion as a consequence.    These are the nice Charlotte potatoes that survived the winter under weed and ground […]

Plucking away on a rainy day.

Fix sturdy galvanized wire support into your wall and they use soft plastic ties to fasten down last year’s growth in the place you want it. Trim off surplus growth and cut back central stem to produce 3 new buds in spring – for next year.

This is our young beech hedge just 2 years after planting. It’s grown well but needs to have its tops cut down every winter to make sure it thickens out to make a solid hedge. We cut the young trees right back to one foot high immediately after we planted. Today I trimmed off all […]

Here is the beautiful “fuel” for our garden – last year’s weeds and “waste” magically transformed by a well managed compost heap. You can do it too! Now is the time to spread your compost so it can be worked into the soil and calm down before growth starts in spring.

Self sufficiency is how we reduce our dependence on huge corporations and governments.  It is a path to healthier living – better food, more exercise and the added challenge of trying new things.  Whether you are growing, brewing, building or eating your own home cured bacon you are contributing to a better world and getting […]

Guide to digging deep beds Task no 1 is to clear away long grass , weeds and rubbish.   Use your scythe and a fork because you will not find it easy to do your digging through a mass of fibrous grass. Now mark out the side of your bed with a good long straight […]